City Trax is an On-Road Motorcycle Training School offering a professionally developed selection of courses for the benefit of novice to intermediately skilled riders. For the ultimate adrenalin junkies, we also have various options on the race track. City Trax originates from the Internationally acclaimed BMW Motorrad Accredited Off-Road Training Partner, Country Trax. Their supportive cooperation enables an offering of options that will satisfy every need in motorcycle training. The migration towards each rider's ultimate goals facilitates the acquiring of the skill set that will launch the rider firmly on his or her chosen track. Maximum enjoyment and highest possible return on your biking investment is our business. 

We live by our slogan, BE THE RIDER YOUR BIKE DESERVES because formal training is the quickest shortcut to feeling safer and more confident in any condition mother nature may present. Think about it: Are you confidently applying the best techniques on the bike, or have you just learnt to cope with bad habits? 

Why would you waste years reinventing the wheel when you can gain all the knowledge and experience, combined with continuous feedback within a few days? Your ultimate success will still be driven by dedication and hours in the saddle repeating the course exercises whilst building on the solid foundation formed during your training sessions. 

You’re in good hands. Each instructor is fully qualified to keep you safe and focused. 

Gerhard , son of Jan "Staal" Du Toit, founder of Country Trax, grew up in a training facility with riding and teaching experience spanning more than 20 years. Gerhard was previously employed as  Chief instructor at the BMW Rider Academy, and he is a certified instructor by the BMW International Instructor Academy (IIA) in Germany. 

Peter, South Africa's national drag racing champion boasting 32 national championships (including SANDRA and MSA)!  With more than 53 years of riding experience and 5 years training experience at BMW Rider Academy.